Total lunar eclipse over

Durbin Nepal     Published Date: January 31, 2018 1209 Views

          Kathmandu, Jan 31 : A total lunar eclipse occurred Wednesday evening.  The moon that rose at 5:55 pm in Nepal made the mid way at 7:17 pm and concluded at 8:57 pm, said Chairperson of Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, Prof. Dr Ram Chandra Gautam.
During the eclipse, it is believed that one, except child, elderly ones and sick people, should abstain from food, sex, sleep and recreational activities, but perform puja and shraddha.
Nepal Astronomical Society has informed that it is a rare occasion to that moon (blue moon) is observed twice in a month of the Gregorian calendar. It came close to the earth (super moon) this time. The eclipse could be viewed from all parts of the earth except some countries of Africa. Such rare astronomical event occurs once in 152 years, said Chairman of the Society Suresh Bhattarai. rss